What to know before planning your visit to the UK?

UK trip

The UK is an island nation that comprises four countries namely Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is the best place to visit as it has a rich and diverse history. The UK is known as one of the unique, eccentric and busy destinations, as a country, its urban centers are one of its kind. Here you will get seaside towns and honey-stoned villages along with national parks and many scenic and beautiful destinations to enjoy. It’s all four countries are the abode to richly engaging cities which are fully packed with heritage, nightlife and, music. If you are planning a trip to the UK then there are many things which you should know. Additionally, you can book your flight ticket using Oyo Coupons to get discounts.

Things to know:

Best time to visit the UK

You can enjoy a visit to the UK at any time of year, but it is best if you plan the UK trip during shoulder seasons, i.e. spring and autumn. As during this time, there are far fewer crowds and prices are also cheap, and of course, seasonal colors look stunning. Some specific months to plan a visit to the UK are March, April, May, September as well as October.

Visa requirements

Generally, there is a need for a visa when you are traveling to the UK to stay up to six months.  This is only applied to all European citizens along with non-European member states of the OCT as well as EEA. Almost all Asian citizens are obligatory to apply for a visa and can stay in the UK for about six months, irrespective of what you want to apply for work, study or else another visa.


Before visiting the UK, you should know that the UK has its own currency called a pound or pound sterling or else GBP, i.e. Great British Pound. Local people there only called it as a pound.


 No need to worry as the UK is considered a very safe country where you can travel without any hassle. There is a very low crime rate and also very lower theft rate in comparison to many other European cities. You just have to be aware of the surroundings and should be extra active amid the crowd.

Baggage restrictions

There are many inbound UK flights from many parts and are subject to extra hand luggage restrictions. Keep in mind that all tablets, phones are banned from carryon luggage. It should be placed in the hold luggage.

Traffic understanding

In the UK people drive on the left side of roads and tourist generally forget to cross safely on roads. No matter how much the place is safe but travelers should get travel insurance and should choose those who cover a range of sports and activities too.


In the UK English is the main language and visitors will not have any kind of trouble regarding that? The main thing to consider is that the UK has several accents which can be a bit tricky to understand. Areas which have strong accents are Wales, Northern Ireland, The West country as well as Scotland.

Rough budget estimation

However, the UK is known to be one of the cheapest European countries to visit, and the rough estimate is 65 dollars per day providing your hostel stay along with self cater and using public transport. You have to plan smartly in terms of accommodation and transport or else it will be out of your budget. Also, you can book your accommodation using Makemytrip Coupons to get great deals of discounts.

What to pack?

No matter what the weather conditions in the UK are but you should require a variety of clothes there to suit every weather type at the time you visit the UK. You should pack clothes suited for both rain and sun including clothes according to cold temperatures.

Things to do in the UK

The UK is a very interesting destination with many options.  We have listed things to do in the UK so that you can plan accordingly:

  • Explore bustling capital city London- London is at the top of the list of things to do in the UK as it has a rich history and culture. You can enjoy here by wandering the streets, discovering local parks along with markets and soaking yourself in the life of the city by visiting popular museums.
  • Scotland visit is a must- You’re the UK trip will be incomplete without visiting the melting pot of British culture as it is the northernmost country and full of natural beauty because of its impressive valleys, lakes, ancient castles, and Ben Nevis, i.e.  Highest UK peak.
  • Southern England- South of England is the place which you should not overlook your UK trip as it is a charming and quaint place with amazing weather. Here you can enjoy some the best views as the place offers stunning nature with a range of best foods.
  • Beauty of Gower- Gower is known as a hidden jewel which is almost overlooked by the travelers but is an adventurer’s paradise. The place has some truly fantastic surf covered with beautiful rolling sand dunes as well as hills. It is the ideal location for adventure seekers which should be in your bucket list.

What to eat in the UK?

Owing to often cold weather in the UK the food reflects the dishes which are warm. Comforting and tasty. It is what you can say comfort eating delicious meals which are widely consumed throughout the country. You can try out roast dinner, fish and chips, full English breakfast, chicken tikka masala, steal and Ale pie and many more.

The UK is full of adventure where you will enjoy everything from roaming on the streets of London to the tranquility of the valleys of Snowdonia. Here you can enjoy the brisk weather along with bracing winds as you reach near the Scottish Highlands. Just keep in mind all the things listed above before you travel to the UK.

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