The Secret of Many Successful People Is Wikipedia Page and Article


People with their own Wikipedia entry have made themselves recognized all over the world. Do you want your own too? Let yourself be told a few things before moving up to the really big ones.

You should consider this in advance

Basically everyone is allowed to publish articles on Wikipedia. But if you think now that you can just go ahead and publish your brilliant CV yourself, you’d better quickly forget it. Writing your own Wikipedia entry would not look authentic. Wikipedia articles have to be worded neutrally. It’s very difficult when you write about yourself. A professional approach, such as expert Wikipedia Writers are mandatory for such a task.

Wikipedia has now compiled a whole catalog of relevance criteria, of which the desired topic – for example, your person – must meet at least one in order to get its own entry in the lexicon. This includes, for example, basic mathematical terms, films, games, organizations and institutions, places and of course people. You know yourself what you can find in Wikipedia.

Note: An article must clearly state that the conditions are met and this must also be documented by the sources. Depending on the voice output, the criteria for an own Wikipedia entry differ.

Your own Wikipedia entry

There are currently a lot of groups of people who meet Wikipedia’s relevance criteria. What counts above all is the profession and proven success in the same.

You are of noble origin

You must either be heir to a sovereign state or take second place in the line of succession. However, Wikipedia also makes exceptions: Prince Harry, for example, still made it to Wikipedia, although he is only sixth in the British line of succession. This is probably due to the ongoing public perception of himself, which can also be a factor for relevance.

You are an architect

If you have created an important work as an architect, you can be included in Wikipedia.

You are an author, writer and / or journalist

Have you already published two novels or four non-fiction books? Wonderful, then you are the right candidate for your own Wikipedia entry. Literature and journalist award winners are also included, as well as editors-in-chief and department heads of well-known newspapers.

You are a visual artist

It is clear that many conceptual artists can be found in Wikipedia. Deceased people must also be found in recognized reference works. Contemporary artists are subject to special guidelines.

You are an actor, moderator or part of a film crew

If every cable carrier found its place in Wikipedia, it would go beyond the scope. When it comes to film and radio, the relevance of the work in which you are involved or have contributed is what counts. It can also be a radio show or a television series. However, being recorded in the IMDB film database is not enough.

You are a musician or composer

This is probably one of the most difficult groups of people on Wikipedia. Just because you swung the guitar at the school party, you don’t get your own Wikipedia entry. However, if you have composed for a theater or an opera, if you have been represented in the charts with your work or if you have a renowned critic on your leaderboard, you have a good chance of it.

You are a politician

It’s easy if you hold a public office, you can have a Wikipedia article about you. Membership in a parliament is just as important as a mayor’s office.

You are a space traveler

An equally easy to narrow category. Anyone who has completed astronaut training will get their own Wikipedia entry.

You are an athlete

Rejoice that you have trained so hard since childhood, if you have won a significant competition, you can be included in Wikipedia. These include the Olympic Games, national championships and victories in professional leagues, including in e-sports.

You are a scientist

If you are a scientist, the relevant relevance criteria of Wikipedia apply to you as to authors, writers, and journalists. Either you have received a prize in your research area or you hold a significant position, for example as a university professor or rector. An internationally recognized achievement is also an advantage.


It is not easy to get your own article on Wikipedia from professional Wikipedia writers. Use the relevance criteria of the online lexicon as an alternative to creating something great with your work or hobby. Then you can be all the happier if you also get your own Wikipedia entry – instead of somehow cobbling your article together.

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