The best embellished fishnets for your Sun sign

  1. Aries –Butterfly Trail fishnet tights

A fiercely independent woman who fights her own battles and opens her own doors. She is passionate and competitive to a fault, never settles for anything less than perfect. She works hard to achieve her dreams and believes in her intuitions. Her fishnet stockings have to be as beautiful as her dreams and as free-spirited as her soul. So these handcrafted butterfly fishnets are the best.

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  1. Taurus- Eden fishnet tights

A practical thinker, the Taurean woman keeps her feet solidly planted to the ground. A down to Earth Taurean respects nothing more than hard work. Taureans are loyal, passionate and like to stay as far away from drama as one possibly can. Their choices are exotic just like they are. We can think of nothing better than Eden fishnet stockings to complement their subtle yet powerful personality. Taureans get ecstatic about nature and even with all their sensual ways, they are tomboys at heart. We suggest pairing these fishnets with canvas shoes or boots.

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  1. Gemini- Carnations at Dawn Fishnet Tights

A Gemini’s passions cannot be contained; it is crucial that her creativity is allowed to run loose. The mind of the twin is always running in a parallel universe, for their minds have way too much to express. Communicating comes as naturally to Geminis as breathing does to the other zodiac signs. Their vibe is contagious and their energy unmatched. A Gemini lives in their fantasy world, their mind is constantly working and their creativity is part genius. Nothing matches their persona better than the Carnations at dawn embellished fishnets.

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  1. Cancer- Waves of Sunshine fishnet tights

The water element of this zodiac sign makes it intuitive and spiritual. Cancerians are often seen as too emotional and sensitive but once you get to know her you’ll understand that when one feels as deeply as her, smiles as brightly as her and is as mad as she is, it’s hard not to be so emotional. It is creative and understanding, this sign has a depth that not many can understand. Influxes of daylight fishnet tights will suit them superbly, much the same as your identity, these fishnets have flawlessly interlaced levels.

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  1. Leo- Ethereal Fishnet Tights

The lion is blessed with courage and pride. Leos are sassy and bold; they lead the way and never follow the crowd. Anything simple or basic just doesn’t cut it for them, the more heavily embellished the better. That’s why for them the masterpiece – Ethereal is exemplary.  Made with an interplay of blossoms and pearls and stones, these embellished fishnets are as mighty as they are.

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  1. Virgo – Vanilla Sky Fishnet Tights

If you think of a Virgo as a gentle and dainty maiden, prepare to get your illusions shattered. A dauntless warrior with a spine made of stainless steel must not be mistaken for a damsel in distress. She is the perfect combination of practical and pretty, she romances her ideas and beautifies her dreams. Her fishnets will be a mirror to her personality. we think the vanilla sky embellished fishnets will be the perfect fit.

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