How to Start Promoting Affiliate Products on the Blog

Making money by creating a blog today is not new. Can really be earned through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you choose a product according to Blog niche, make people aware about it, and when someone buys the product with your affiliate link, you get a referral commission. In this post, you will be advised to promote promotion of Affiliate product. If you also want to try out in Affiliate Marketing, the articles on our blog will help you.

  1. Promotion of affiliate product

You write a review post to promote affiliate product. Reading this, blog readers get information about that product, they understand why they should buy this product. While writing a review post, a few things should be taken into account –

-Write a real thing in the review. You should tell the good things of that product as well as its drawbacks. Good review happens only when it is done on both the USP and the drawback. Write better product reviews by giving you product pictures and all work information.

– When you write a product review, share your experience with readers. People often want to know your actual experience related to that product.

-Review the product that you have used yourself.

  1. Promotion by Blog Post

Promotion by adding product affiliate link to your blog post is a good thing. When you do this, keep the post just around the subject. Suppose you are writing this topic why the shared hosting is correct for the new WordPress blog, then you write a line in it and I recommend you to take Blackhost Shared Hosting. Add affiliate links above this line.

  1. How To Articles

Articles with “how to” in the promotion of affiliate products are very effective. If your product is technical and which requires help article before using it, then publish and publish its tutorial.

In this way articles are not only helpful for readers but also to increase search engine rank. My experience is that articles with “how to” topics bring great traffic to the search engine.

  1. Use of Coupon Code

You know that big companies do product promotion by giving a discount through coupon codes. This not only increases their sales but also gives the opportunity to go beyond their competing companies. When a customer sees the coupon box when buying a product, then he definitely searches coupon codes for that product in the search engine. This allows you to get good commission on every sale.

Keep in mind that you have to click on the affiliate link with the customer, so you shared the coupon code. If the customer clicks on the link without an affiliate link, then you will not get commission on the sale.

But there are also some affiliate programs that commission the product even after using coupon codes. So you can write a blog post that offers new coupon codes every month.

You may also know that the website asks you to click on a button or link to view or use the coupon code. This makes his cookies in your web browser and he remains active for several days.

  1. Featured Posts

You need a reader on all types of posts. In addition to doing on-page SEO, you can also set the post to Featured. As more and more readers read it. The option to create a Featured Post is available both in WordPress and Blogger.

  1. Banner Ad

Banners ads show amazing on blogs that receive organic traffic. A great banner ad can be made by earning tremendously. But you should not have to banner add too much. Otherwise the readers are confused.

Never add a banner ad of a type of product. Banner ads are like any recommendation. Those who do not understand the reader can understand who they buy. You should place similar ads on the topic you are writing on. Suppose you write a blog on WordPress tips, then you should place banner ads for themes, plugins, hosting and related topics.

If your blog is on many topics, then you can manage ads with the Advance Ad Plugin. With the help of which you can show ads according to the category and location. You can test results by doing A / B testing of various banner ads.

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