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Nokia has been most sought after phone brand for several decades. Embarking on the market with simple phones to smartphones of the day, it has revolutionized the market. Unlike other smart brands, this brand has taken the industry of mobile phones to the new level. Launched with the sole purpose to introduce innovative technology, Nokia has rendered wonderful services over a while. The long journey beginning from simple mobile to Nokia lamia series is indeed the success of the company.

Here we will be looking at several unique features of Nokia phones along with Nokia mobile price in NEW ZEALAND. To begin with, Nokia has introduced endless mobiles in the market. All the way now, a series of Nokia lamia phones has been released in collaboration with Microsoft. Before the launch of these lamia phones, it was thought that future of Nokia was nearly bleak without any pint of hope to compete in the market. On contrary, Nokia resurfaced with these smartphones. In terms of size, camera and processor, this series of smartphones is no far behind any other brand.

To mention several models of lamia phones along with Nokia mobile price in NEW ZEALAND, lamia 640 XL, lamia 830, lamia 735, lamia 1020 and lamia 435 are some of the latest brands from Nokia. If you happen to see ratings and recommendations by users, you will be surprised to note that these smartphones have received 100% recommendation and 4.7/5 Ratings. Another significant feature which makes these phones standalone is its Windows operating system. Unlike Android or IOS phones, Windows phones are not only affordable but also more functional and reliable phones.

On top of that, Microsoft lamia phones have won awards for being the best phones in the year 2015. These phones are not only easy to use but also offer better smartphone experience. Let us discuss some of branded Nokia phones here. These phones have competitive Nokia mobile price in NEW ZEALAND.

Specifications of Nokia X:

The first and the foremost thing about Nokia X are available in five individual colors such as black, bright green, white, bright red, cyan and yellow. Released in February 2014, the phone is reckoned to be the thinnest phone weighing only 128.7 grams. With a display of 4 inches of LCD touchscreen, it offers the best display for HD video playing. On top of that, this Nokia mobile price in NEW ZEALAND is as affordable as 239 NZDs.

Specifications of Nokia lamia 630:

If you talk about colors in these smartphones, there are two unique individual colors – black and white. The key features of the phone are 4.5 inches large display on LCD touchscreen. Plus, it is shielded from potential shock with corning gorilla glass 3. As this lamia phone is loaded with 8 GB, 512 RAM 5 megapixels of camera and Windows. All of these features are a testament for the better smartphone.

In the last but not the least, all Nokia smartphones have turned to be the best phones. So, buy Nokia mobile price in NEW ZEALAND and save several NZDs.

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