Logo Design Trends & Techniques To Follow In 2020

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What makes the year 2020 so different? As time moves forward, certain techniques and aspects become prominent and join the trend list. Those techniques define the path towards which the design industry is moving. You need to understand the need of the time and learn the expertise that can expertly persuade the viewers.

Every year or so new techniques surface the industry. This paves way for the designers to score more outcomes by implementing those techniques. It becomes complicated to make your design more engaging when you encounter tough competition within the market. The same concept or logotype is being used by designers.

So, in such a situation, trends and techniques can help you out. You can learn a lot from getting updated by the interesting patterns and techniques that are being used in the market. As you know that logo designing is an important branding aspect, so why not invest your utmost dedication to drive outcomes.

Here is a short list of trends that can help you generate notable outcomes in the year 2020. Read on!


The foremost element to try is a simplification. The best logo is the one that can deliver the message most efficiently. From showing the brand name to depicting the core values, each element incorporated into the design gets vivid and easy to comprehend. So, this year you have to look for ways you can try adding some simplistic aspects into your design.

“As soon as it comes to the logo, it seems that everyone prefers to simplify. So there are two options: either to make the old logo easier or to create a new one from scratch.”

For instance, check out the logo of Uber- the taxi-hailing company. The brand has kept its logo incredibly simple. Even the color shade is the usual black and white. The font is simple no flamboyant touches no intricate graphics.


Adaptive Logos

Whether you call it an adaptive logo or responsive logos, both the terms emphasize on the same concept. You need to create logos that can show proper display on every platform and device. You have to create a design that can present your logo with similar graphics most professionally. The way your logo appears on a smartphone screen and desktop should be the same. There must not be any difference in resolution or design quality.


Some brands forget what relevancy is when offering their logo brief or many a time, designers make this mistake to incorporate irrelevant aspects in logo design. They add such patterns or graphics that can ruin the entire look of their logo. It’s just that not any font is suitable for every niche. The same goes for color codes and contrast. You can pick aspects randomly without checking their relevancy.

Add A Story

You must have heard that logos can create an emotional connection with the target audience that helps them dig out better outcomes. So, what’s that one factor that can help a designer create an emotional connection? Well, its storytelling. You need to create a design that has some essence in it. It should have a weight of its own and create a worth among the other logos. You need to use patterns and fonts so perfectly that you can create better online reach. For example, In the Amazon logo, there is an arrow that goes from “A” to “Z” letters present in the logo. Now the hidden story is that the store promise to have all products starting from A to Z. Isn’t it fascinating?

Memorable Design

When you create a design how long you think it can potentially engage the viewers? It’s one thing you need to ponder on when planning to design a logo. Many designers plan according to what’s trendy at that moment. Such an approach is wrong. You need to think of the time ten years of you to come up with techniques, which can drive excellence out of your creation. You have to delve deeper into the industry to create ways that can help you prosper with double the rates.

Animated Logos

The next most important aspect of logo designing involves creating animated logos. You need to create such logos that can help you engage a huge percentage of the target audience. Animated logos have the power to engage the viewers for a long time as compared with the static ones. The moving graphics look fascinating to almost every viewer. Even if it does not look good you would definitely spend more than a second observing the flaws. But not to forget that you can spread wonders if you work like experts logo designers and create enticing animated logos.

Negative Spaces

The last trait of a great logo is to use negative spaces effectively. You have to add a creative flair into your design and make sure that it has the power to enthrall the viewers. For example, the FedEx logo has a hidden arrow between its two letters “E” and “X”. That arrow makes the logo the best one over the years. FedEx has won many awards as well over the past few years. That’s how evident your success gets if you incorporate the right strategies in the right way. So, work on your techniques and blend a couple of them together to innovate a new style if you want to generate greater benefits.

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