How Alkalinity of Water Can Improve Your Body’s Natural Healing Factor

The alkalinity of water is a very important factor affecting your body’s natural ability to heal itself yet it’s still highly over-looked in today’s society.

These days it seems like everyone is so concerned about all the little things happening around them that no one even has the time anymore to really question factors which can dramatically affect their health and well-being and our bodies generally have to pay the price for this.

Alkalinity of Water

The foods that we eat today are way too acidic in nature for our bodies to properly maintain and because of this, imbalance quickly develops our body’s pH level is forced to shift in order to adapt.

The benefits of alkaline drinking water are that it can you turn the clock back on all the years of careless eating one begin to improve your body’s natural healing powers.

Importance of Body pH Balance

Your body pH is basically a measure of how acidic or basic your body is, just like the acid and base (alkaline) scale from your high school science class.

Anything from 1 to 7 is classified as acidic with 1 being the most acidic and 7 being least acidic (also known as neutral).

Then on the base side, we have the numbers 7 to 14 with 7 being the least potent in the base (also known as neutral) and 14 being the most potent in the base (alkaline).

Your body is designed to function best when your pH levels are neutral to slightly alkaline. In other words, your body needs to maintain a body pH level of about 7.35-7.45.

You might think that being at a body pH of 7 is not significant at all, but the truth is, even a body pH of 6.9 can cause you to slip into a state of the coma!

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Creating Alkaline Water

In essence, alkaline water is just plain water that’s been alkalized (pH level increased) with help from alkalizing minerals.

This is the process that’s responsible for creating high alkalinity in water.

The process of alkalizing the water is a filtration process of its own.  When water is made alkaline, it can neutralize acid particles and cause the pH of the water to shift.

In order to maintain healthy pH levels, you should be consuming a diet with a ratio of 60% alkaline to 40% acid.  This helps to keep your body balanced and slightly alkaline at all times.

It’s unfortunate however that this ratio is seldom followed and most people nowadays just stick with a diet of around  70% acid to 30% alkaline.

Following such a diet can quickly lead to excess acidity in the body and over a period of time can result in a severe decrease in quality of life and health.

Restoring pH Balance with High Alkaline Water

When alkaline particles enter your system, they instantly begin to neutralize excess acid in your blood.  The result of this might seem small, but the effects are phenomenal.

High alkaline water is merely a tool to help your body eliminate excess acid.  When your body doesn’t have to worry so much about regulating its acidity levels, it can absorb more oxygen in your bloodstream.

When you begin including alkaline water into your diet, your body’s pH level will quickly start moving back towards its optimal level and you’ll realize that you have a lot more energy than before. This increase in energy is a result of more oxygen in your bloodstream from having a proper pH balance.

High alkaline water is probably one of the most overlooked health factors in today’s world yet it’s one that plays a vitally important role in your overall health and well-being.

It might not be an all-in-one solution, but it’s very easy to implement and it’s definitely a huge factor in bringing your body back into the healthy state that it was meant to be in. Educate yourself on the wonderful benefits of alkalinity and take advantage of the increased energy and vitality that accompanies it.

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