Helpful Tips to Remove Water From Your Ears

The ears always need to keep in a dry environment because the moisture can make it infection. However, in the summer, swimming or take a bath is the environment which can cause the water in your ears. The water can decrease the ability to hearing and leads some problems of the ears. We haven’t had some protected products. It is imperative to know “how to remove water from your ears?” and this is the reason why we write this article. The primary purpose is providing information about this problem.

How to get water out of your ears quickly? Here are some tips for you.

Dry your ears: This seems strange, you can see unbeliever about the ability to removing of the dryer, but it is useful for many people. You need to set the dry at the lowest heat or more cooling mode. Let the dryer at least 30cm compared with your head and blow in your ears until you feel dry ears. You do not set the too hot mode to prevent burning. You also give the dryer blow through the ears, not inside. The dry and warm air can make the water disappear.

Tilt your head:

You can stand on one leg and tilt your head to one side that can make the water is parallel to the ground, or try jumping to make the water drain out. Pulling the earlobe to opening the ear canal or press the under area of the ear on the head also help get out of the water. You also do not need t jumping but tilt your head to the one side.

Using a towel to make the ear dry:

Wipe the helix slowly and gently with a soft cloth or clothing to remove all of the remaining water and then put the ear and towel together and tilt the head to one side. Do not put the sheet too deep into the ear to prevent the water from penetrating into the ear.

Using a vacuum in your ears by yourself:

Lay the ear downwards into the palm and then use the palm beat until the water comes out. Do this on one side and never do that at the same time with another ear, if not, the water can go inside again. This method can make a mechanism like a vacuum which attracts the water from your ears. Also, you can tilt the ears down and put the finger into the ears and make a power vacuum by pressing and pull very fast. The water will come out very quickly. You also can massage the ears follow the clockwise when sealing the ears. This way make moisture the ear-wax and remove the steam. It is useful when the water affects your ability hearing. However, it can cause infection or inflammation in your ears, so you need to clean the finger when performing it.

Mix the alcohol with white vinegar by 1:1 proportion:

It does not only remove the water but also prevent the ear inflammation. It is effortless to do. You mix 50 percent of the alcohol and 50 percent of the white vinegar, small clean dropper. Carefully give some small solution to water ears and make it dry. The mixing contains acid which can break the ear-wax, alcohol can evaporate the water.

Moving the jaw:

Tilt the head in affected side and then open and close the jaw quickly. The water can come out after a few minutes.

Try Hydrogen peroxide solution:

It is useful to kill bacteria or cleans the ear-wax, dirty or water in your ears. Preparing a dropper, and give 3-4 drops into the ears. Wait in 2-3 minutes combined with tilt the side contains water down to drain come out. Do not apply this to some severe condition such as ear infection or some damage to tympanostomy.

Valsalva maneuver method:

The price makes the Eustachian tube open wide to the water can come out. You need to close the mouth and hold your nose with fingers. Take a deep breath and blow the air. When the popping sound appears that mean the Eustachian tube is opening. You need to tilt the head to one side of the water go outside. Remember; do not use too much force when blowing because it can damage the ears.

Sleeping or lying with put the side of affected ears down:

Gravity can make it dry naturally, put the affected hand down to get the best results. Keep this position in a few minutes to the water go outside. In this time you can relax by watching TV or some funny movies and wait for the effect.

Take some medication:

Over the counter medication can help clear the water, it is easy to buy it at any pharmacy such as Auto-Dri and Swim-Ear because it contains a high percentage of alcohol which can absorb the water. Put some drops into the ears and also tilt the head in the affected side.

What the water comes into the ears is the common problems when you go swimming or taking a bath or even when you wash your face. If you don’t remove the water, it can lead some infection conditions even loss ability to hear. Especially, when you go swimming in the sea or other places with many people, you have a risk of infection due to bacteria because it is not the clean environment. After using some methods to get out of the water, if you see some symptoms below, you need to look at the doctor as soon as possible:

You feel pain in your ears. It is a symptom of acute external-infection ears when you see some signs: yellow or green pus of abnormal color, fishy smell drain from the ears. The pain increases when you pull the helix or loss of ability to hear. You feel itchy in the ear canal or inside the ears.

Something you need to avoid to protect your ears

Make the ears dry after swimming or bathing by a clean towel or clothes. Limited using the cotton swab to clean the ears because it can damage the ears.

Avoid using earplugs or cotton wool when you have water in your ears. It can push inside, and you will get in trouble with this problem. You also stop using the headphone at this time.

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