Dating on a Budget

dating on a budget

Times are tough and everyone is starting to feel the economic crunch in all areas of their life. Dating can be expensive from victoria hearts but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some ideas for Dating on a budget.

Romantic Dinner

Forget the expensive wining and dining and the $150 restaurant tab. Instead, take your date on a beach picnic. Pack up a dinner, grab a bottle of wine, blanket, and head to the nearest beach. Watch the sunset together while sharing a bottle of wine and dinner. It’s romantic, Dating on a Budget, private and your date will be impressed. Try picking up dinner from Trader Joe’s or cook yourself. If you’re not near a beach try a local park or lake.

History and Exercise

I love Los Angeles, especially Downtown LA; I think it’s just beautiful. It also has a lot of history. On laconservancy_org/tours/downtown you can download a walking tour of Downtown LA. Admire the intricate architecture, impress your date with your knowledge of LA (be sure to do your research first) and best of all get some exercise in by walking.  Stop at Grand Central Market for a cheap lunch and check out The Angel’s Flight. From November to January they have an ice skating rink in Pershing Square, skating is $6 and on some days free! This would be my perfect date, hint. 

Screw Ticketmaster

Concert tickets are pricey and Ticketmaster has about 20 service charges. When the weather warms up there are many outdoor concerts and shows. Look up some that may be in your area, a good place to find some is on during the summer they have free shows at The Grove in LA. Also, check out a local coffee shop for jazz night.  If you’re feeling extra brave try a dive karaoke bar and serenade your date over a few cheap beers. 

dating on a budget

Education with a View

The Griffith Park Observatory is a great place for a date, admission and parking are free. I’ve been on a few dates here from lovingfeel and the best time to go is at sunset. You have an incredible view of the entire city and on the fourth of July it’s a giant firework show. They have lawns where you can picnic or you can eat at the cafe. There is plenty to do and lots of exhibits. Google some constellations before and impress your date while stargazing. 

Make Like Danny and Sandy

At Pacific Theaters Vineland Drive-In 443 N. Vineland Ave in the City of Industry you can see a movie for $8 a person, no one will block your view, you can talk to your date through the movie, bring your own snacks and the back seat is mere inches away from you. They show first run films and the nostalgia comes at no extra charge. 

Some other great ideas: 

  • Volunteer together for a cause you both believe in.  
  • Daily free wine tasting and tours at San Antonio Winery
  • Visit a local Farmers Market
  • Take a class together. Dance, cooking, writing, etc. 
  • Rent a kayak for $15 in Long Beach
  • Go on a hike
  • Have a board game night
  • Go for a beach bike ride
  • Play a sport together, surfing, tennis, basketball, etc.

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