Best Countries You Should Sail In


Do you live for the open sea? The lure of hopping from one picturesque island to another across limitless backdrops of water buzzing with just as much sea life as there is adventure? If you have an insatiable appetite for sailing and life in Mother Nature’s watery playground, then sit back as we’ll be taking a look at some of the best countries for a memorable sailing experience.

1) Greece

Breathtaking, beautiful, lovely and serene are some of the superlatives that regularly accompany Greece in a sentence and it truly is all that and much more. Boasting a sailing reputation propelled by ancient yet well-equipped harbors, olive groves, sun-softened beaches, secluded bays and, most importantly, an archipelago numbering hundreds, this enchanting coastal country is a popular boating hotspot.

Newbies will find great joy exploring the Ionian region of Greece which earns plaudits for extremely clear horizons and friendly winds. Hard-weaned boaters, on the other hand, should aim for the Cyclades chain not too far east from the mainland where challenging Meltemi winds offer a stern test of expertise. For something somewhere in the middle for the intermediate sailor, the untamed and authentic islands of Dodecanese are ideal.

Greece is also a perfect sailing destination due to the all-around amazing weather the country provides you with. The summers are extremely enjoyable and well suited for a beautiful sailing experience.

2) Croatia
Often touted as “The jewel of the Adriatic”, Croatia’s collection of sophisticated marinas, well-kempt towns of old, and idyllic harbors are the major reasons for its popularity as a sailing hub. There are also 1,000 more reasons for that which come in the way of a similarly numbered assembly of islands dishing out a never-ending supplying of all kinds of adventure. Besides that, the nation is blessed with extended hours of sunshine over summer, gentle breezes and scarce/light downpours which all guarantee that sailing in Croatia is without hitches.

The historical appeal of these landmasses is sure to keep you busy with Brac, Hvar, Korcula, and Vis availing lots of quiet coves, top-notch seaside restaurants and a lineup of UNESCO world heritage locations. Medieval Dubrovnik proves the most charming above all providing a past-century layout so beautiful that it’s been used to depict scenery in the blockbuster TV-series Game of Thrones.

3) Italy
Italy is a country most known for its delicious cuisine but it features frequently among the best in sailing largely due to the mesmerizing Aeolian Islands whose untamed beauty and enthralling waters are highly spoken of across the globe. A chain of seven volcanic members, the islands are believed to be the work of Aeolus- a mythical Greek god of wind- and they sure look like it proving seven-courses of heavenly diversity.

Car-free Alicudi offers a secluded haven overflowing with nature while Stromboli and Vulcano provide a simmering façade encompassing black sands and numerous hot springs. Egadi Islands also provide great quantities of alone time within unadulterated greenery as the Mediterranean tuna central of Favignana blossoms for its sweet tooth goodies. History buffs meanwhile are set to fall in love with historic Tropea and other curious anchorages and waterfront towns that characterize the coastline. Not only is Italy a great sailing destination it’s also an amazing overall traveling destinations. When you go sailing in this country you have the option to visit many astonishingly beautiful destinations with your sailboat and have the time of your life.

Greece, Italy, and Croatia are a cut above the rest as far as sailing is concerned. An abundance of island choices, alluring scenery, rich history, delectable cuisine, excellent security, a welcoming population and plenty of sights and wonders ensures that that is the case now and for a long time to come.

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