Beat Budget Blues and Buy Top Quality Air Coolers on No Cost EMI

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Are you looking to bring home the best of the air coolers this summer?

Are you on a tight budget and can’t afford to pay the entire price at once? What will you do? Will you buy the air cooler by borrowing from someone else? Will you compromise on your wish and not by the air cooler?

If you are facing a similar situation, then you don’t need to worry at all.

You can now make the most of the No Cost EMI facility and buy any best air cooler without budget concerns. And yes, for enjoying your shopping for an air cooler on EMI, you don’t need to own a credit card. Want to know more? Read on and explore! 

No Cost EMI – The concept and how does it work

Nowadays, you don’t need to have a credit card to spread the cost of your purchase over a tenor and pay in EMIs. You can simply avail the No Cost EMI facility to divide the value of an air cooler over a tenor and pay only a fixed EMI and nothing more.

This way, you would be able to save huge as compared to other EMI-based payment systems where you also need to pay interest + processing charges.

As a result, even though you pay in instalments, but the overall cost of your purchase also increases.

Here’s how the No Cost EMI works

Suppose if the cost of the air cooler that you wish to buy over a tenor of 12 months is Rs.10,000, then you will only need to pay Rs.833 as the EMI and nothing extra. This way, you end up saving paying other charges applicable in other similar modes.

In India, the No Cost EMI facility is offered by the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

If you have the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card, then you can swipe it like a credit/debit card at a store across India to finish the shopping at No Cost EMI.

The Bajaj Finserv EMI Network is a payment network in India. It assists people in allocating them with instant funding to buy items in easy installments. As per your financial eligibility, you can get a consumer durable loan limit of up to Rs.4 lakh.

You can use the loan limit to buy electronics, appliances, furniture, life care products and 1 million+ items across the EMI Network in India.

You also have the freedom of repaying the utilized loan limit in flexible tenor ranging between 3 months and 24 months without stretching your wallets.

Also, most of the products listed across the EMI Network in India carry no or negligible processing charges and down payment.

How to shop for an air cooler on EMI?

If you are willing to buy any branded air cooler on EMI this summer, then you can do that easily after following some simple steps such as:

  • Walk into any of the 60,000+ local stores in 1300+ cities across the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network in India
  • Choose any Symphony, Voltas and any other branded air cooler and swipe the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, Card
  • Walk away with your purchase on easy EMIs

You can also submit your KYC documents along with a canceled cheque at an outlet to avail instant funding to begin shopping on No Cost EMI. You can go ahead when you don’t have the EMI Network Card. There are more than 1 crore members across the EMI Network, and you can join them.

Bajaj Finserv presents the Special Summer Offer to help you buy any air cooler on EMI and save even more. Yes, you can now buy any air cooler worth Rs.10,000 and grab a cashback of Rs.500 into the Bajaj Finserv Wallets.  This way, you can choose from best branded air coolers and buy on EMIs only on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Hurry, this offer is available only for a limited period offer!

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