6 Tips to Spend Morocco Holidays with Toddlers

Morocco Holidays

Hesitant on deciding to go on family Morocco Holidays trip with Toddlers? Don’t be! Though it’s a completely natural feeling and you got to be careful especially when it comes to your kids. However, if you take a few precautionary measures before and during the trip, Morocco is one of the best places in the world to go with your young ones on a family-friendly exotic holiday trip. This short article is jam-packed with the most important Dos and Don’ts when you’re on a vacation trip to Morocco with toddlers and pre-teen kids.

Family-Friendly Accommodation & Transport

While searching for suitable accommodation and transport can be a daunting task, there are plenty of online Morocco Holiday Package providers that cover every from flights, transportation, accommodation, and meals. You can find top-notch hotels and riads in or around city centres. But you may want to choose a quieter place away from the hustle and bustle of the city centres. Most hotel staff are very courteous and accommodating, especially when it comes to children. You could book private pick and drop services for transportation to various recreational destinations. You may like to take a train ride for travelling long-distance, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for the children. Buses are also available, however, they are not always comfortable. Also, roads can be very bumpy in some places, so even short rides can be highly tiresome.

Moroccans Love the Kids

Well, who doesn’t love kids, especially those who are just beginning to take their first steps and learning to use language for the first time? There is a natural attraction to babies. And Moroccans have an even stronger affection towards the toddlers. They will greet your kids with special attention, wherever you go. Some would even like to touch their cheeks and mess with their hair. This is their natural way of treating young ones. Instead of trying to stop each and everyone from touching your children, you better keep a sanitizer and napkins handy to avoid germ infections. You could bring a backpack and carry your children around if you want to avoid touching at all.

Food for Toddlers

While the Moroccan foods can be overly spicy and heavy on the stomach, there is plenty of fresh and less complicated food available that is perfect for kids. Almost all modern packaged food can be found in Morocco. However, there are plenty of exotic fresh fruits, and vegetables available that may be the best food for your young ones. Avoid giving your children readymade food items, like sweet doughnuts, or premade salads from off-the-street vendors.

Fun Activities for Kids

There are plenty of fun activities to choose from that are suitable for young kids and toddlers. However, you need to be careful not to pack too much into a tight schedule. You need to give yourself and your children time to relax and recuperate. Especially during summer don’t plan any hectic or physical activity during afternoon time, lest you or your kids may get sick. Some of the most fun places for kids include:

  • Essaouira, Agadir, and Oualidia have luxurious pools and amazing beaches with plenty of sunshine that is perfect for wind and water sports.
  • Agadir Birds Valley, Dream Village, and the National Zoo Rabat are among the best zoos with abundant local and international animals for your children to be dazzled with.
  • There are camel and rides available along the beaches and inland for trekking in the Sahara Desert.
  • You could camp under the stars on outskirts of the Sahara, but make sure you adhere to guidelines provided by the local guides.
  • Kids love the colors, fountains, flowers, and pools, and animals of Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.

Play hide and seek in the labyrinths of Fez Medina, making sure not to stay off the sight of your children for too long.

Packing Guidelines

While almost everything is readily available in the newly formed supermarkets, but they are not as prevalent as in the UK or in the developed economies. So, may have to make sure you have the following items packing before leaving the country or the first supermarket you see when you are in Morocco.

  • Hand sanitizers and disposable diapers are always good to have at hand.
  • First aid kit for minor sickness, including anti-diarrheal medicine, aspirin, cough, and allergy medication, anti-vomit medicine and mosquito replants should not be ignored.
  • Get yourself and your children vaccinated against viral and infectious disease as suggested by the NHS well before your departure.
  • Bring sunscreen lotions or sprays to avoid sunburn, and stay hydrated even in milder days. Always drink bottled water!
  • In case you like walking your little ones may get tired very quickly and it may hard for you to carry them along. Baby strollers with an umbrella may be perfect for not only carrying your children but also for light shopping.

If you’ve addicted your kid to YouTube learning videos, there might be times when they just won’t get pacified with any other toy you give them. It’s a good idea to have their favorite cartoons and videos pre-downloaded as you might not get good Wi-Fi connection everywhere.

In conclusion, your fears might be justified to some extent when it comes to travelling to Morocco. However, travelling anywhere in the world does have its risks and rewards, especially when you are travelling with kids.  If you have dreamed of visiting Morocco for a long time, don’t let your toddlers keep you from your dream journey. Or maybe you want to avoid going the not so family friendly holiday destinations family Morocco Holidays trip that you used to go when you were without kids. There is nothing for you to really fear going to Morocco with your kids. If planned carefully it can be the most exhilarating as well as a soothing journey for you and your kids.

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